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Ok, so I think it's time to come clean and say I didn't start GAPS yet. I have been avoiding the forum because it's so hard to get on and talk about how I'm doing when there is something I can't talk about. BUT, I've decided I'm ready to start telling people. I'm starting my third month of pregnancy tomorrow, and I've had some SERIOUS morning sickness. At six weeks on the dot, morning sickness RIPPED out. On Friday, I will have been throwing up for three weeks. I can't cook in this state, and I can barely eat. It's ironic, the whole reason I wanted to start GAPS ASAP was because I wanted to be...
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So it hasn't been a perfect week where GAPS is concerned, but I learned a few awesome things, too. I'll start with my most recent events and go backwards.
It's the end of the week, and I'm making my first real broth. I know, I should have totally made one by now, right? The timing just never seems to be right. I finally stopped by the store today to replenish my greens, onions, and egg supplies, and I got a chicken while I was there. It was a horrible chicken. I didn't know that when I picked it out--the packaging is not completely clear. There are huge dark blue areas where you can't see...
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Ok, I know I haven't blogged this week. Things have been going on that I'm not at liberty to discuss right now. As a result of those things, however, I'm starting the diet a week early! I begin strictly full GAPS tomorrow. I'm also planning on getting a hold of the GAPS Guide this week if I get a chance. I'm also starting school again on the 25th, so I'll be putting a post together on how I'm coping with portable GAPS, and I'll be looking for suggestions! I've been reading a lot about how to make cream, butter, and ghee this week (even though I can't have any of those), so for those who are interested,...
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The soup didn't turn out so well... To start, at the beginning of the soup, I forgot to add onion to the slow-cooker. Somewhere in the middle, I also realized that I probably only should have cooked half the chicken, as I have a very small crockpot. So I ended up with a really fatty broth (fine), and a soup that was CHOCK full of veggies. It kept leaking soup because it was so terribly overfilled. Also, I was fasting, so I didn't really want to taste the salt in the soup until I actually was eating, and it wasn't salty enough. To finish, I forgot to add the garlic at the end. What I ended up doing...
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In case anyone was wondering from the last post (since there are no views, I'm assuming no one was, but I'll tell you anyway), the stew was great! I just diced up potatoes, carrots, and onions, put the meat on top, and added some roast potato spices (granted, not entirely gaps friendly, but I think I can replicate it with my own spices now that I know it works). Definitely a keeper dish even if I never get my hands on a roast. I'm planning on starting a slow-cooked chicken soup today that won't be ready until tomorrow since we're eating at the potluck tonight (Sorry, no link. It's in the Internal...
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So the potluck last night was great. I'm finding myself addicted to pakora, and I'm actually getting ready to try a lima bean version some time this week. They are absolutely delicious, and I bet using lima bean flour won't deviate too much from the results you get with chickpea flour. Of course I won't be able to add potatoes, but I can add onions and spices and other legal veggies. Does anyone know if deep frying with peanut oil is allowed? It has a very high smoke point....
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So as promised, I took that leftover spaghetti sauce and applied it to the zucchini noodles from this recipe. (I also baked the whole thing in a pyrex dish for 30 minutes on 400 degrees) They weren't really like noodles in that they didn't have a starchy or soft texture, but they filled the hole that the pasta left. I could see myself eating that instead of macaroni noodles. Now I just need to get a sugar-free spaghetti sauce recipe that I like. I find many...
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So I woke up at 4 in the morning to get something to eat before the fast begins, as is customary, and I realized, if I wanted to bake anything, I would have no time to eat. Almond flour takes a little longer to cook, it seems. So I gave up for the morning and had a tall glass of orange juice, and an egg in some (sauteed?) garlic and tomato. Sure, the meal part itself is pretty legal, but I always eat that with a piece of 30% whole wheat pita. I'm not bothered about it, though. I'm going to try to eat something GAPS-legal tonight and keep moving forward. I think I know how that Chinese decision...
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I feel like I have little to post about, as I don't have children on GAPS, have barely started GAPS myself, and am fasting, therefore eating very little to start with. I should be eating in another three hours or so. I'm going to have the leftover chicken and make lentil soup. I usually make it in a pressure cooker, but I think I'll slow cook this time. I can't think of anything in it that isn't GAPS-friendly, though I'm not sure about the cumin. It's a great dish. I'm going...
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So today, for the first time, I tried eating a totally GAPS-legal dinner, except I think orange juice is illegal. I had Honey-Glazed Drumsticks and Fried "Rice". First, let me say that making both was a bad idea in my tiny kitchen. Either would have been enough to fill me up, though I suspect I needed something that looked...
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