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 Zucchini Noodles

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PostZucchini Noodles

So as promised, I took that leftover spaghetti sauce and applied it to the zucchini noodles from this recipe. (I also baked the whole thing in a pyrex dish for 30 minutes on 400 degrees) They weren't really like noodles in that they didn't have a starchy or soft texture, but they filled the hole that the pasta left. I could see myself eating that instead of macaroni noodles. Now I just need to get a sugar-free spaghetti sauce recipe that I like. I find many sauces that aren't sweet to be a little acidic. Hey, maybe that won't bother me as much as I start removing carbs from my diet. I know that even with all the sweet things I've been eating, I've still drastically reduced my carb intake. I haven't committed my weekends to GAPS yet, and I'm taking it off to eat at mosque dinners, but I'm planning on trying some entree on Monday. I'd like to try a stew version of pot au feu from Grain-Free Foodies, but I don't have access to "halal" beef bones at the moment to make the necessary broth. However, the next trip to Little Rock should involve going to a new source of halal meat, one which should have bone-meat. In the meantime, maybe I'll try the chicken soup recipe I just got in my copy of INTERNAL BLISS!!! Jealous? Cool
I'm also praying for a possible new source of lamb. So far, so good! I should be ready to go strictly full-GAPS in less than three weeks.
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Zucchini Noodles

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