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 Halfway through Ramadan

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Halfway through Ramadan Empty
PostHalfway through Ramadan

In case anyone was wondering from the last post (since there are no views, I'm assuming no one was, but I'll tell you anyway), the stew was great! I just diced up potatoes, carrots, and onions, put the meat on top, and added some roast potato spices (granted, not entirely gaps friendly, but I think I can replicate it with my own spices now that I know it works). Definitely a keeper dish even if I never get my hands on a roast. I'm planning on starting a slow-cooked chicken soup today that won't be ready until tomorrow since we're eating at the potluck tonight (Sorry, no link. It's in the Internal Bliss cookbook. I'll post it online in the recipe section if it turns out well). No idea what I'm going to bring yet, though. A KFC bucket? someone has been doing that. Would it be tasteless for there to be TWO KFC buckets? I don't want to clean a chicken AND cook a meal tonight Sad I mentioned the amazing almond cupcakes at the last potluck, you know, just to share the recipe, and all of a sudden people were like, you should make them and bring them! o.o When you make individual desserts, you have to make enough for at least half of the people to try them. And then you have to worry about nut allergies. And almond are EXPENSIVE, especially when you shrink it into almond butter. So no, I don't think that would be a good idea. If you want a cupcake, you'd better just come over in secret under the cover of night. Or check out the recipe on That's my rant. Oh, I also made ALMOND butter fudge last night and ate nearly half of it. That translates to about 7 T of coconut oil. I think if I were to make that again, I would probably do well to freeze individual chunks in an ice cube tray. That way I would only get about half a tablespoon per chunk and conserve them. I'm going to try that and report the results... Once I obtain an ice cube tray.
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Halfway through Ramadan

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