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 Surprise! Starting GAPS

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PostSurprise! Starting GAPS

Ok, I know I haven't blogged this week. Things have been going on that I'm not at liberty to discuss right now. As a result of those things, however, I'm starting the diet a week early! I begin strictly full GAPS tomorrow. I'm also planning on getting a hold of the GAPS Guide this week if I get a chance. I'm also starting school again on the 25th, so I'll be putting a post together on how I'm coping with portable GAPS, and I'll be looking for suggestions! I've been reading a lot about how to make cream, butter, and ghee this week (even though I can't have any of those), so for those who are interested, in a nutshell:
If you have fresh, non-homogenized milk, the cream question has an obvious answer. About a third of the way down, there is a "cream line" where, if the milk is not shaken, the more liquid portion of the milk will separate from the cream. By either skimming this off (resulting in, you guess it, skim milk!) or by draining the milk out from the bottom, you can isolate the cream. What you have now is "sweet cream." Both sweet and sour cream can be used to make butter. Now, take the cream and either put it in a blender, food processor, or even a jar. Turn on, or shake shake shake, until you start hearing things knocking around. Eventually, all the fat in the jar will come together and you will have a lump of butter! This butter is extremely perishable unless you "wash it," though. Drain off the "buttermilk," and then submerge the butter in really cold water. Shake it around some more. Pour this off and make sure to press the butter to make sure all liquid comes out. Refrigerate. That's it! To make ghee the easy way, heat the oven to 250-275 (make sure the oven is accurate, or get an oven thermometer) and place in an oven-safe saucepan for 2 hours. Come back to golden goodness with junk at the bottom and top. If it is still cloudy, give it another 20-30 minutes, maybe upping the temp ever-so-slightly. Strain through a cheesecloth/muslin cloth/sieve and into a warm glass jar (so it doesn't break when the ghee hits it). And you now have like five different milk derivatives! I'm also very interested in goose fat right now. Dr. NCM says that the fat of one goose will last you half a year. I'd love to test that theory, but young geese aren't ready until winter. This isn't over! I'm totally entranced by the idea of roasting a goose. This goose is already cooked. Wink
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Surprise! Starting GAPS

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