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PostNot on GAPS yet

Ok, so I think it's time to come clean and say I didn't start GAPS yet. I have been avoiding the forum because it's so hard to get on and talk about how I'm doing when there is something I can't talk about. BUT, I've decided I'm ready to start telling people. I'm starting my third month of pregnancy tomorrow, and I've had some SERIOUS morning sickness. At six weeks on the dot, morning sickness RIPPED out. On Friday, I will have been throwing up for three weeks. I can't cook in this state, and I can barely eat. It's ironic, the whole reason I wanted to start GAPS ASAP was because I wanted to be ready for a baby, and it's the baby that won't let me eat a thing. Nothing seems to help except eating at someone else's house, and it's not foolproof. I think I'll throw up if another person even SUGGESTS crackers. I tried making pancakes this morning and somehow managed to screw them up, so I'm once again on an empty stomach. The bright side is I'm not actually digesting many illegal foods, I guess. Any morning sickness suggestions? I can't imagine doing this for another whole three weeks.
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Re: Not on GAPS yet
Post on Sun Sep 01, 2013 9:20 pm  kristyreal
I feel for you - I've totally been there. WTF do they mean calling it "morning sickness"?!

Try making ginger tea (dilute it until it's not too spicy) - ginger is fantastic for morning sickness. In fact, if you're not doing GAPS yet (and I'm not sure you should during pregnancy? can't remember), you might want to try getting some crystallized ginger to keep in your purse. It has some cane sugar, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Also, you'd be amazed how well a few drops of peppermint essential oil on a lightbulb or dropped into boiling water will work. You can even put some on a hankie and keep it in your pocket for emergencies. Just remember to breath it in, but don't cover your face with it.

Also, even if you don't do GAPS for quite a while, you can try just adding a cup of broth to your diet every day and eat normally otherwise. Bone broth is very good for you (and very high in nutrients you need in pregnancy) no matter what and you can use it to cook grains or pseudo grains like quinoa or buckwheat and it improves the nutrient content and flavor. Think of it as a flavoring and vitamin supplement. Wink
Post on Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:06 am  Summer
Welcome to the forum!
I was surprised to see some activity! This forum has basically been dead for the past two years. I ended up using the Yahoo! support group a lot more since we never got too many members at one time. Plus, I completely ditched GAPS during my pregnancy. My daughter is 16 months old now, and we did about 6 months of GAPS, but ended up letting it go since she didn't have any serious issues (and is still going strong with the breastfeeding), and I was losing tons of weight (well, not tons, but 20 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, putting me at a 17.0 BMI), and my only really serious issue pre-GAPS was a severe milk allergy which I still have. the constipation also got better as I eased off of GAPS. I think I was leaning to heavily on proteins. GAPS makes an allowance for some properly prepared grains during pregnancy, but nothing was mentioned about during nursing. I probably could have used those calories. Incidentally, I happen to be making ginger ale (from a ginger bug) as we speak! It's been fermenting for 36 hours now, give or take, and should be ready to bottle by tomorrow or the day after. Here's hoping it's good!
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Not on GAPS yet

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