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 Intro : move forward or not??

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PostSubject: Intro : move forward or not??   Fri Jun 19, 2015 4:40 am


Up to stage 5 in the intro after a big long die-off stage 4.
My 6 years old son is a fussy eater (despite he goes way much better than before). We cannot manage him to eat apple sauce or raw veggies, but carrots (very few but it stays impressive for us!!!!)... which are the basics stage 6 foods!! He's ok with very few amounts of cooked ones in stews. Anyway he would be ok to eat more fruits (before only apples, now he would like to try berries, peaches, pears, etc. We've cheated a bit from time to time to encourage him to move on the diet : try 1 bite!). Shall I go further to stage 6 anyway???

So far, we gave him "Harry Potter drink" : yogurt/kefir/sourcream, fermented and/or cooked veggies, raw yolk and broth in a sip cup (cold as he demands it, not very tasty at all). Only way to give him the "right" stuff. He's willing to drink it 3 times a day. My wonder is that this might not be properly "chewed"?

1)Shall we add raw veggies in it too? I'm afraid it will become too much.
2) Or don't worry about it and keep on going on stage 6? If we move on, I believe I could make fruit yogourt and that he would eat it, putting one magic ingredient out of this nasty drink... :-) Maybe it isn't necessary to push veggies and apple sauce (no diarrhea)?

Thank you for your thoughts, I feel stuck :-)
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Intro : move forward or not??
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