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 Fasting Almost Over For the Day

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Fasting Almost Over For the Day Empty
PostFasting Almost Over For the Day

I feel like I have little to post about, as I don't have children on GAPS, have barely started GAPS myself, and am fasting, therefore eating very little to start with. I should be eating in another three hours or so. I'm going to have the leftover chicken and make lentil soup. I usually make it in a pressure cooker, but I think I'll slow cook this time. I can't think of anything in it that isn't GAPS-friendly, though I'm not sure about the cumin. It's a great dish. I'm going to use a T of coconut oil to saute the onions.
I noticed this morning that I slept very soundly. So soundly, in fact, that I forgot about waking up in the morning and my husband going to work. I was so confused that I was alone. Surprised
Feel free to make blog posts here as well as talk about your recipes in the recipes forum! I'm really hoping we can shoot up the activity level. It'll be a lot easier to keep things active if everyone has at least one post.

Note: That makes enough lentil soup for about two people. You can double or triple the soup easily. You may also want to use more onion. Also, the 3T of peanut oil is not really necessary, you only need one, but soup is a great way to add fat.

So I made it through dinner with the leftovers from yesterday and the lentil soup from today, and I didn't even have orange juice, just water. I did, without thinking about it, have some dried apricot paste with sulfites in it. Didn't even occur to me that it has preservatives and probably sugar. Only having to plan for one meal a day takes a lot of pressure off. With other diets, I get sluggish about making myself food because I don't like making a mess and having to clean it up, which seems to always happen when I leave my routine (which used to involve washing a potato, nuking it, and eating it either plain or with some kind of dressing, for example. Minimal work, minimal mess. I even ate the skin). I'm confident that by the time this month is over, I'll be ready for strictly full GAPS. I was planning on not caring about what I eat until after Ramadan, but as I start, I find myself reluctant to ruin my "streak." I wonder what will happen next week when the Chinese restaurant nearby (that I never get to go to but have been promised a trip to when it reopens) finishes its renovation. I guess I'll have to see how I feel in a week from now. Hey, maybe I'll be begging for a break. On the other hand, what if I mess up my streak, feel loads of guilt, and become discouraged about doing the diet altogether? I wish we had just gotten Chinese before Ramadan started.
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Fasting Almost Over For the Day

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