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 Day 3 Experimenting

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Day 3 Experimenting Empty
PostDay 3 Experimenting

So I woke up at 4 in the morning to get something to eat before the fast begins, as is customary, and I realized, if I wanted to bake anything, I would have no time to eat. Almond flour takes a little longer to cook, it seems. So I gave up for the morning and had a tall glass of orange juice, and an egg in some (sauteed?) garlic and tomato. Sure, the meal part itself is pretty legal, but I always eat that with a piece of 30% whole wheat pita. I'm not bothered about it, though. I'm going to try to eat something GAPS-legal tonight and keep moving forward. I think I know how that Chinese decision will lean. Rolling Eyes
Even now, though, after my little cheat, the Chinese seems less appealing than it did. I'm still having scruples about it. Did anyone here wish they had a food one last time before making the switch? Are you glad you didn't? Would you ever consider eating that food now?

Alright, you guys. I want to see comments! Better yet, your own original posts! I want to see how this informal blog space will work. I'm wondering if we even need this space if we have the other categories.

My head feels funny. You know when your nose starts hurting when you breathe cold air for too long, I feel that in my nose, left eye, and head. It's not a good feeling. I doubt it's die-off, I had a grainy breakfast. Maybe my head is just cold? I have no clue what to make for dinner. To be honest, I don't even want to cook. I just want to eat hot food with no work. I have enough GAPS-friendly food in the fridge for myself, but I still have to make something for hubby. A soup might be nice, but I have no boney meat. I don't think I have hamburger buns, which I don't need, but if I were to make hamburgers, I'm sure hubby would want. Any ideas?

So I ended up just making regular spaghetti for dinner, but I didn't give up my quest to try a GAPS recipe tonight. [url=Almond cupcakes][/url] (with the 1/2 cup honey instead of 1/4) are amazing! Granted, I burned one batch and undercooked the other, and you know how cupcakes are, once the sink, they're sunk. The flavor was delicious, though. It was like eating marzipan CAKE. 25 minutes was too long for my very powerful and accurate toaster oven on convection bake, but 13 minutes (I couldn't just leave them for the full 15, they were getting brown!) was not enough. I'm thinking maybe next time I'll try 325 for 20 minutes and see what happens. Even if they aren't totally cooked, I know what I'm having for breakfast! I suspect a little toast will set them straight. The bright side about the spaghetti? I made extra meat and sauce (granted, from Ragu. I need to work on making my own sauce) and got DH to buy some zucchini to try making noodles tomorrow. sunny I think one of the harder things for me to give up on GAPS is going to be noodles, so I'm going to be really happy if I can learn to love these veggie alternatives! Oh, by the way, those almond cupcakes are probably the most tasty cupcakes ever. Nut butter muffins are so underrated. DH loved them too, you know, except for the burned and raw part. geek

I don't know about these emotes. I'm going to shop around for some better ones and see what I can do. GAPSforum might get a facelift before it's even a week old!
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Day 3 Experimenting

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